Finally! A sales coaching guide developed by sales leaders for sales professionals!

What is it?

The last Rep Evaluation and Sales Aptitude Test you will need

RepLaunch! provides the business owner/CEO with a simple yet detailed report to help you understand the current skill level and potential of your sales team and potential new hires to your team. If your sales organization is currently not meeting its goals, you need the RepLaunch! evaluation to help you as a leader identify weaknesses and understand the best way to help your team succeed.

RepLaunch! provides clear visibility in three key areas:

  • Personal Accountability
  • Overall Coachability
  • Sales Acumen

Plus: Additional overview of Core Competencies and Personality Type

The advantage of using RepLaunch! is that it generates results and feedback from your reps’ responses, whereas computer evaluations do not. We do not use algorithms for our results! Having a true understanding of the responses and their importance to your business is imperative to your success. Virtual Sales Officer will analyze these results on a rep-by-rep basis and help you coach and lead your team accordingly to meet your business goals.

As a business owner or a sales leader, do you know what attributes your team needs for success? If you are a hands-off CEO, you need reps with very high Personal Accountability and high Sales Acumen. If you have a solid sales manager who provides continuous development to your reps, you need to find reps that rank very high in Coachability but could score lower initially in Sales Acumen.

RepLaunch! provides that data so you can optimize your team and its performance. During the short 45-minute test, your reps will respond to Multiple Choice Questions, True/False, Net Promoter Questions, and Short Answer. We look for specific markers in the Short Answer responses that clearly establish where a rep or new hire candidate fits into the Coachability, Personal Accountability, and Sales Acumen spectrum.

The best part? No more 20-page reports to review about a potential new hire – just clear, concise data. Your RepLaunch! delivers a summary of the three key areas and a personality overview into one page for you and your leaders to review. From there, you can quickly determine if the rep is a fit for your sales organization.

How RepLaunch! is implemented:

  • Each rep or potential new hire receives test from Virtual Sales Officer via email
  • Results are scored by Virtual Sales Officer
  • Business owner or sales manager receives simple yet detailed report of individual results in Personal Accountability, Coachability, and Sales Acumen

Why do it ?

Computer generated results, Nope!

Stop using the everyday sales and personality tests in which computers and algorithms return your results. People are unique and sales people are very good sales acumen test-takers. RepLaunch! has a good mix of multiple choice, net-promoter, and even short answer questions in many different categories. Humans analyze the results, not computers.


Easy to use and affordable!

Not only is the RepLaunch! only $90 per rep, but the results are incredibly easy to understand and actually use! No more tests with results of 30 pages plus that no one takes the time to truly understand. We capture all of the data, analyze it, and summarize it on a one-page simple report for you.

Of course, Increase Sales!

Learn which of your sales people will be successful on their own, and which will need to be coached to specific metrics. Not only does this help your team sell, but it will improve your turnover numbers drastically. RepLaunch! will give you a deep look at each rep’s sales abilities and weaknesses, helping you increase their strengths to result in dollars!

Hire the right people!

Sales professionals are experts at interviewing and can answer questions and handle objections on the fly with ease. RepLaunch! is a 70 question deep-dive into a sales person’s personality and skillset to help you understand if you have the right candidate for your culture before you even have them interview!

Become an expert interviewer!

Armed with RepLaunch!, you as the interviewer will have the power in the interview. We will inform you on the best questions to ask the specific candidate, and how to structure your interview.

Accountability, coachability, and raw sales skill!

Which is important to your organization? Do you have a hands-on sales manager in place currently? You may want candidates with a high coachability score and a lower sales skill score. No leader in place? Personal accountability will be vital. Each sales person is unique, and so are their results.

Ok, how do I get it ?

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