Virtual Sales Officer

Sales growth. Executed.

Virtual Sales Officer

Our process: No sales culture is the same. We begin our onboarding by understanding YOUR sales team, YOUR challenges, and YOUR desired outcome.


Finally, a sales evaluation designed by sales leaders, for sales professionals! Whether you need to hire or simply understand the coaching needs of your team, RepLaunch! will help you realize what makes your people tick.

VSO-Sales Coaching & Execution

Sales Coaching & Execution

Sales Coaching is not training and sales training is not coaching. Coaching is ongoing actionable guidance. Lack of coaching produces ineffective sales people. Give your team the development and ongoing support they need to be successful. At VSO, our sales consulting and coaching model calls for continuous results, not just a shot in the arm you get from most sales consultants and trainers.

VSO-People Development

People Development

Understanding your individual team members is paramount to your success as an organization. Do you know what motivates each of your sales people? Do you know what makes them stay, or decide to leave? Research shows that sales people want to continue to develop and grow. Show your sales team that you are invested in them, and they will change the future of your business.

VSO-Proactive Leadership

Proactive Leadership

This is one of the most important pieces missed in every outside sales consultant engagement. You’re not simply looking for suggestions to improve, are you? Let Virtual Sales Officer create a customized roadmap leading to your success and guide you all the way down that path. VSO will provide the onsite and virtual leadership for your entire sales team on a consistent basis.

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“I had the luxury of having Lance as our sales coach for our managed services team. Lance onboarded, discovered, and then proceeded to evaluate and drastically improve the way we were going to market as a team. He worked with each person on our team on a one-on-one basis to develop skills and drive results. If you are looking to improve your organization’s top-line revenue and bottom-line profit, look no further.”
Joe Ubaldo

VP, Managed IT Services