Our Process


  1. True understanding of your culture and target business
  2. Current baseline of sales performance
  3. Understand company drivers and sales initiatives


  1. Gain visibility of current sales metrics and infrastructure
  2. What is working for you today?
  3. Identify Gaps in sales performance and company goals


  1. Analyze data gathered from initial onboarding
  2. Process key performance indicators for your team
  3. Dive in to where you are at today and where you’d like to be


  1. Establish a defined and repeatable sales process
  2. Work one-on-one with reps for development and accountability
  3. Develop guidelines for continuous improvement with team


  1. Sustain what has been improved with additional training
  2. Create an action plan to follow through with ongoing improvements
  3. Provide guidelines for future review

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“Lance came to the company I had been working for at the time going on 12 years. We were in need of a leader to take our sales team in a new direction, capturing a new market in monthly recurring revenue. Lance learned where we needed improvement, worked with us on a one-on-one basis, and implemented a sales process that worked with our team to effectively increase sales in a relatively short period of time. Lance’s approach was both innovative and pivotal in taking our company to the next level. I recommend anyone having sales performance difficulties to give him a call.”

Carrie Nielsen

Managed IT Services